"...humanlike entities flock, slide, and burst through a landscape….a mysterious universe. You may not be sure where you are, but it’s intriguing to stay a while and figure it out.”

-Melanie Greene, The Dance Enthusiast (2017)


"Darkly burbling, dynamic vitality..."

-Quinn Batson, offoffoff.com (2017)


“Picasso is not the only one to say something like 'luck comes with work'. Mari Meade and dancers work continually to create and refine new pieces, and that work shows, in this world is not my home. It's silly, violent and sweet, an unusual combination…Group-ness is prominent; this is a cohesive bunch.”

 -Quinn Batson, offoffoff.com (2015)


“Throughout, there is a flavor of silent film, with its broad acting and enhanced physicality. Big dancing and dark wandering share the space, in a good mix, and the poignancy of Alyss/Rizzuto's futile empathy is sharp.” 

-Quinn Batson, offoffoff.com (2015)


“I leave the theater feeling slightly disoriented and thoroughly affected, as if having just woken from a dream.”

-Theodora Boguszewski, NY Dance Enthusiast (2013)


“While Salisbury is know for her work involving sensory deprivation of the spectators, and Meade Montoya has been creating an oeuvre with a distinctly comedic touch, there are much darker and more mysterious forces at work here, and the collaborating artists deserve praise for transcending the boundaries of their previous work. What We Were Handed is an inventively assembled performance, characterized by a highly effective use of the theatrical space, sound, lighting and movement- with a touch of induced daydreaming added for good measure.”

-Ivan Talijancic, Bachtrack.com (2013)


“Ellemen-O-P (NY Premiere) was a unique and intriguing piece with comedic puns that kept a smile on my face from start to finish. The dancers should be commended for their superb acting in addition to the movement throughout the piece.”

-Carly Harper, My Pointe Taken (2012)


“It is the most bizarre and entertaining thing I have seen from one person in a while...They become overwhelmed with questions, and Meade Montoya looks to the audience and asks “Is it...? Is it...?” It is...incredibly good? Yes, it sure it!”

-Madison Krekal, offoffoff.com (2011)


“Ms. Montoya’s range as a choreographer and the performing flexibility of her dancers are always impressive. Humor and dance weigh pretty and ugly, and the audience never sees which side of the scale things will fall until they fall.”

-Quinn Batson, offoffoff.com (2011)